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The Bafmin UUID Viewer is a free app for your iOS device. When you want to test applications, a developer needs your UUID for Ad-Hoc distribution or to use in development, this app will allow you to send the UUID and other important device information to the developer to get you set up. A true universl binary, this will work on all your iOS touch devices such as iPad, iPod, iPod Touch, and iPhones. All devices must be running iOS 4 and above. This has been tested with iOS 5 as well.

  • Gig Guide

    Gig Guide

    Check out when and where the Blue Party will be playing. Click on a listing to get a map of the location.

  • Discography


    This is the real meat of the application, where the music lives. Click to play full versions of the songs. Like the music your next iTunes purchase is just a click away.

  • The Band

    The Band

    Like the music form the Blue Party, now check out the band members. Access to their twitter feed is just a click away.

  • More info


    Ok, so now your all set on the music, the members if the band. Time to book them for your next house party, you click on more for the contact details, band twitter feed, web site, and... well... more!.

  • Home Screen
  • Gig Guide
  • Discography
  • The Band
  • MOre
  • Band Twitter Feed

About Us

Bafmin, LLC, 29605 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted, Oh 44070 Located in North Olmsted Ohio. Bafmin is a technology consulting company which focuses mainly on creating unique and interesting web and mobile applications.

Finding new ways to use tecnology to further a cause or just have a good time is what gets us up in the morning. Sometimes it keeps us up till the morning also.

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What does Bafmin mean?

The name Bafmin is an acronym for Buddies And Friends Making It Now. That pretty much is the mentality of the people at bafmin, we are all buddies and friends not just in the office but outside it as well.

Creating applicaions that mean something is not as easy as it sounds. We want to help create something that can change a persons life.

Version History

The Blue Party UUID Viewer 1.0 July 8th 2011

This initial release of the Blue Party UUID Viewer is for the fans of an AMERIPARTY band located in New Orleans, LA. It's in the name. The Blue Party isn't just a band, but quite literally a traveling party (often borderline circus). This app, build by Bafmin, LLC of Cleveland Oh, will allow fans mobile access to the band with Twitter feeds, music, streaming news, and more.

  • New Initial Release

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